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Bouquets and Brickbats

Please click on the above Button to enter my new Guestbook and post your entry there. You can also read what other visitors to this site have had to say. Some mail I received from guests (before I set up the Guest Book feature) follows:

Loved your webpage. The Srivanchiyam story was very moving. Let me know when you add more content to the site. Love. Narayan

Dear Ramoo, I just visited your website: and I was taken away from this Place and I was really thrilled seeing the beautiful Vinayagar Temple which you and your family has helped in renovating. I bow myself to your Good intention and a Noble cause. My kind enquires to Shantha Mamai. Hello to Dharma and Hi to Baradwaj, Tara and Surya . With Best wishes. Babu & Vanaja

Thank you very much for enlightening me with this remarkable story and fantastic pictures. It's extremely heartwarming to learn about my roots especially since nobody really talks about it these days. This time when I go to India in December, I would love to visit Srianchiyam with Appa. Hope all's well at home. Regards. Shyam

Hi Ramu, This is great!!! I really enjoyed The Srivanchiyam Story. So, when are you loading the rest of the Pics? Right now I could only see two pics (From US Trip). Way to go !!! Mohan

SBS, Good to hear from you. The site looks nice and you probably have a roadmap that will take it to the next stage. Our wishes to the family. Regards. Vishi

Hello Raman, I saw the website and it was wonderful. I also saw and read what you have updated....congratulations on your first web site...Pictures took some time to come though. I have not read it fully. But, I saw the flow and it was good. I will call you sometime. The story of Sri Vanchiyam is touching. You should create a page for SB and put a link to it from your page. You need to have a guest book and make it public for everyone to read and write. How is the project of digitising the works of SB going on? Regards. Sivakumar
My dear Ramu mama, your Website attempt is just super. You look like a foreigner with a typical Indian spouse. If you want to look like an Indian I suggest you dye your hair. The choice is yours. I was really moved to read Bro. N.L.Rajah's write up about me in Asoka Times. Thanks for mailing it to me. Having taken a print out of the same, I am carrying a copy with me always and when I get into some sort of depression I read it and get rejenuated. Thanks and Regards. Yours fraternally Capt.'J'
Dear SBS, Nice work. The Srivanchiam Story was very interesting. Please have a flow with pics of the family tree.Your kids are lucky! Bye. JP

Hello Ramoo, I think I should say, "I experienced the website?" rather than, "I saw the website". What an amazing story and how much effort you have put into it. Congratulations! This could definitely serve as a sort of visual family tree for generations to come. Not to step on your toes, but, how about we have photo collection on the links to each one of the siblings on the para below, so once each one of the links are clicked there is a photo collection and small write up for that sibling. I will start scannning and digitising some photos and send them to you for upload after I hear from you. I just wanted to also let you know that I used to be the Intranet Developer for PeopleSoft Corp, 2 years ago. I am very familiar with this stuff. Please do feel free to let me know if you need any technical asisitance in this website. I will look into whether I can find something here that has more space  to host something like this. I am copying Shyam as he always has great ideas for such techie stuff! I hope all are well at home, my love and regards to them. Take Care. Jaishree

Dear Ramu, Janani here. Thanks for sending me the website. A great idea. I only got to see 1 picture of you and Dharma in Niagara. Are there anymore ? Or is that it. Was waiting for eternity for it to load. Let me know. All well. Stay in touch. I am sending u some pix of the family ...just so that u know who looks like what now. Love to all at home. Janani
Dear Ramoo: This is great!! Now, you'd need to put the family tree too on this. Thx. Love. Rgds. Ramana

Dear Ramoo, Great! Congrats! Did u do it yourself? Is it a difficult process? I've not gone thro all the contents.Shall revert to u soon. Affly Gopal
Well Done Ramu, I enjoyed the pictures from US trip but much more The Srivanchiyam Story. It was great and I enjoyed your narrative enormously. Keep it up. Regards. Usha

Dear Rama: You must tell the guy who put up your page that the download is very slow on dial-up connections like mine. So it's rather irritating and will loose the interest of people who really want to look at your page. In fact a couple of years agao a friend and I were in this business of designing and hosting home pages of companies on the net and we went with the tripod site and we expereinced similar problems. Rgds. Shankar Sundaram
Very nice, Ramu! you are very quick learner! Good idea to have the pictures small in order to save download time. There are not many things to improve. But here it comes. The top navigation jumps from the left to the right when you click on "The Srivanchiyam Story". This is always confusing for the user. The main navigation should always stay in the same place. It is good to have a "Home" button, but it is a bit confusing to have the album as "Home". Why don't you create a "Home" where you welcome people to your web site and then people can choose between "Album" and "The Srivanchiyam Story"? I would perhaps add "Top of page" button on the bottom of the page with the pictures. Good for people who do not like to scroll since the page is quite long. Can you remove the link "New Page Title"? I think it is a functionality that only works for you, right? Rgrds! Rosa

The website is shaping up pretty well.. Alibaba (Houston) will be happy to know he has a noteworthy mention on the net. :) Sriram

Dear Mr.Raman, I did visit your Web Page and found it very interesting. While you and Dharma were in the US last June, my wife and me were also there at that time and it is unfortunate that we both did not know about each other's itinerery. Otherwise, we could have also met somewhere. We spent most of our time in Washington where my two sons live. Of course we also travelled almost the whole of US. But had we known about your programme, may be we could have met and may be we could also have joined you in some of your wonderful trips.The web Page was really interesting.Thanks for your mail. Kindest Regards. Nathan

Dear Ramoo, You are a genius and getting into the groove of athimbaire. Saw your site and it was awesome. Shantha akka will be proud of you just like she is with my illustrious athimbaire.  Ajit

Dear SBS
Your photographs were a visual treat. Like a travel brochure but your
comments made them very real. Obviously you enjoyed your trip and the happiness comes thru on the page. Never knew you were a photo buff. Congrats on an excellent presentation. My regards to your wife and children. Reading your family tree was another treat and oh boy you have a lot to be proud of and LIVE UPTO.

Thank you for taking the time to post your entry in my Guest Book. I appreciate your valuable comments, suggestions and inputs for the improvement of this site.